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    Juraj (Freitag, 18 Dezember 2020 08:51)

    CLT03 - EEA&Norway Grants Programme - SEARCHING FOR A PARTNER
    Dear possible partner :-)

    Our organization is a civic association based in the town of Šaľa, (in southwestern Slovakia) about 50 km from Bratislava, and deals with, among other things, educational and publishing activities. From 2019 we started cooperating on Erasmus+ projects, in which we are participants and since 2020 also co-organizers of various international events. We are searching for a partner from Liechtenstein for our EEA&Norway Grants Project - Programme CLT03:


    The project is based on the presentation of Jewish culture from history to the current broad-spectrum publication of all age groups of the Slovak and Liechtenstein publications, especially in the light area, the following steps:
    Together with the part from Liechtenstein, we will carry out a series of presentation seminars (workshops) following the topics of the project.
    Seminar for the next series of performances of Jewish songs, dances, musicians and artists of modern art, Jewish culinary specialties and holidays. The workshop also includes representatives of experts in the field of history in our country, in Liechtenstein and in the world. Experts will publish from children, adults to seniors to present historical facts about the lives of Jews and their efforts to adapt to a variety of state establishments and the challenge of who progresses throughout the age they need to face and how their culture develops. We will also pay attention to today's negative social phenomena of the Treaty with the Jewish community, such as extremism and anti-Semitism.
    The event will be accompanied by a presentation of the new printed publication "Understanding and Getting to Know Jewish Culture through Historical Facts" (introducing Jews as skilled merchants and craftsmen), which those interested will be able to buy, as well as an evening outdoor screening (screening on the building wall) of Jewish-themed films.
    THIS IS THE MAIN PURPOSE WE ADDRESSED YOU AS A FILM PRODUCTION COMPANY.The preparation of this presentation event will also be a planned new mobile application and web portal - "Jew-el" for the purpose, connecting and communicating Jews from all over the world, in the production of which a specialized company will participate. The basic version of this portal will also apply to the fact that the user will be able to purchase a paid version, which will serve other quality and better performance.
    Leaflets, posters, regional TV and the press will be used to promote the workshops themselves, with the distribution for different age groups being divided as follows: leaflets for children and young people will be distributed to pupils and students in schools, for seniors in retirement homes, churches. Adults will receive information about the presentation event via local radio, daily press, posters at stickers in municipalities, from regional TV channels, the Internet (facebook, ...), leaflets in public places.
    As part of the presentation event, we plan to cooperate with at least 1 educational institution (primary, secondary school), whose task will be to obtain and process information about the culture of Jews through the eyes of children and youth and thus contribute to the overall presentation.
    The role of the partner - TO CREATE A THEMATIC FILM RELATED TO JEWISH CULTURE to present the contemporary Jewish culture as it is presented in Liechtenstein, its gender equality and together with our organization to co-implement presentation seminars in Liechtenstein and Slovakia. Of course your company will have your budget that is paid from the project.
    The outputs of the project will be collected using completed voluntary questionnaires of audience members with a response to the quality and originality of the performance.
    As one of the outputs, we plan to create a residential art center of Jewish culture.

    Bc. Juraj Klement –